Member Benefits

The annual program of Shipping & Offshore Network consists of different type of seminars and meetings. Analytical discussions of trends and structural changes in the shipping markets based on the broad insight and expertise found among the members is still an important driving force of the Shipping & Offshore Network concept.

In addition comes strong focus on industrial shipping and logistics. Also topics such as trends in international economy and the financial markets, consequences of structural changes in world economy and trade, international politics, co-operation and competition between different type of actors in trade and shipping, innovations, etc., have got adequate attention on the Shipping & Offshore Network agendas.

In addition to being an instrument of mutual exchange of information, viewpoints and research, Shipping & Offshore Network has become a marketplace in itself, due to the broad membership structure that has evolved. Most members will meet both competitors and potential clients in the forum, and find this to be an interesting aspect of the forum idea, not least from the angle of developing new contacts and new business opportunities.

Exposure of individual professional skills and know-how in the forum builds up confidence as well as reputation within the business environment represented. For such reasons as well as in the purpose to give friendly support to the forum idea, several of our most resourceful members have proven great generosity in hosting forum arrangements and contributing with valuable know-how relating to their respective professional specialties. Outside guests representing special know-how on issues to be covered in the analytical discussions are sometimes invited to attend forum arrangements, be it as panelists or from the floor.

Shipping & Offshore Network has neutrality and integrity as guiding principles. It is managed by its General Manager and the Board, both responsible to the General Assembly. It is a non-profit organisation with its accounts open for insight to all members. The forum is financed by membership subscriptions and seminar fees, plus occasional contributions from major members in the form of co-hosting forum arrangements.

Each member company appoints contact persons who receive all invitations, reports and documents related to the forum, but also other employees of the member company are free to attend at forum seminars and meetings.