Shipping & Offshore Network

Shipping & Offshore Network is an independent club type network association founded in 1981 as Bulkforum by 28 Norwegian shipping companies.

Initially the main purpose of the forum was to organise market research related to tanker and bulk shipping markets, based on theoretical as well as practical expertise and knowledge. Over the years the forum has expanded, in the terms of scope, membership structure and activities. Today Shipping & Offshore Network has character of being an analytically based contact promotion and network club.

Shipping & Offshore Network has neutrality and integrity as guiding principles. It is managed by its General Manager and the Board, both responsible to the General Assembly. It is a non-profit organisation with its accounts open for insight to all members. The forum is financed by membership subscriptions and seminar fees, plus occasional contributions from major members in the form of co-hosting forum arrangements.

Each member company appoints contact persons who receive all invitations, reports and documents related to the forum, but also other employees of the member company are free to attend at forum seminars and meetings.