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Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co KG new member

08. March 2012
Bulkforum is proud to announce another new international member to our forum: Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co KG from Hamburg, together with their Norwegian sales agent Pon Power AS. The joined the forum on 7 February 2012, on the same day as the general assembly, which they both attended.
Pon Power is the dealer for CAT and MaK engine systems and generator sets in Scandinavia.

We supply sales and services of CAT in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the Faeroes and Greenland, as well as sales and service of MaK in Norway, Denmark, the Faeroes, Greenland, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

We offer systems throughout the product spectrum, ranging from 6.4 to 16,200 kW, which are mainly used as propulsion engines, auxiliary motors, primary power or emergency power.

For more information, see our webpage on http://www.pon-cat.com/en/Pon-Equipment-Pon-Power/

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