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Steinvender AS new member

16. January 2017
Following the Ballast Water Management seminars in November, we are happy to announce some new members. Steinvender AS is the first of them.
Steinvender is one of the leading independent M&A advisors in Scandinavia with focus on middle-market transactions. Since its inception some 20 years ago, the company has completed more than 125 transactions within a broad range of industries, of which over 40% being international cross-border transactions. In the field of Shipping & Offshore, Steinvender has most recently advised in the sale of Gas & Diesel Power to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Vigor to Sub Sea Services and the sale of SmartMotor to Rolls-Royce Marine. 
Steinvender AS is based in Oslo, Norway and partner in global M&A network Clairfield International, with 40 offices in more than 20 countries.
For more information, please see http://www.steinvender.com



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