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Danish Ship Finance new member

10. June 2016
We are very happy to welcome Danish Ship Finance as member of our Network. They have several clients in Norway, and will be good representatives of Shipping & Offshore Network in Copenhagen and Denmark.
Danish Ship Finance's only business area involves the provision of loans for shipping companies with loans secured by a ship’s mortgage. All levels of this focused business area involve a high degree of specialisation and expertise. Their 70 employees currently (June 2016) manage a loan portfolio of approximately DKK 43.2 billion, which is secured by mortgages in 454 vessels. Danish Ship Finance finances its operations primarily through the issuance of bonds on NASDAQ OMX Nordic. 
The company is a ship finance institute supervised by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. The vision is to be the most recognised and stable provider of financing for reputable shipowners.
In December 2015, Danish Ship Finance had loans of DKK 43.2 billion and an equity of DKK 10.4 billion, including proposed dividends for the financial year. The company had first mortgages in 454 vessels.




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