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Annual Summit 2018 on complexity in decision making

Posted 05.03.2018

Annual Summit 2018 on complexity in decision making

Following the 2015 Annual Summit called "Come Hell or High Water", the 2016 summit called "Restructuring & Survival", and last year's summit called "Consolidation for Sustainable Growth", we this year look at the future and all the complexity and uncertainty that face our industry. We bring you leading speakers from Oslo, Paris, London and New York to discuss topics like geopolitics, macroeconomics, energy, complexity, how to save the oceans, and much more. > Read more

Posted 23.11.2017

Global Sulphur Cap 2020 - what to do?

The next big thing in the shipping world is the Global Sulphur Cap 2020, a cap on sulphur emissions to air which will enter into... > Read more

Posted 19.03.2017

Annual Summit 2017 on Consolidation and Growth

This year's Annual Summit takes place at Losby Gods on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 April. The topic is Consolidation for Sustainab... > Read more

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Wallem Group new member

Posted 22.12.2017

Wallem Group new member

We are happy to welcome Wallem Group as new member, following the Global Sulphur Cap 2020 seminars in Bergen and Oslo. Here is how they present themselves: > Read more

Jo Shipping AS new member

Posted 22.12.2017

Jo Shipping AS new member

We are very happy to welcome Jo Shipping AS from Bergen as our new member following our Market Update Meeting in Bergen in Octob... > Read more


Posted 16.01.2017

Steinvender AS new member

Following the Ballast Water Management seminars in November, we are happy to announce some new members. Steinvender AS is the fi... > Read more

Posted 10.06.2016

Danish Ship Finance new member

We are very happy to welcome Danish Ship Finance as member of our Network. They have several clients in Norway, and will be good... > Read more


Per Olaf Brett ny chairman

17. February 2017
On Thursday 16 February our Annual Meeting selected Dr Per Olaf Brett, long serving board member from Ulstein International AS, as our new chairman, as well as Johnny Fauskanger from Grieg Star and Marthe Lamp Sandvik from Lorentzen & Stemoco as new board members. Per Olaf was not present at the meeting due to other commitments.
Elisabeth Holmsen stepped down as chair and board member after having represented Hydro Aluminium and Norsk Hydro in the board for altogether six years, the two last as chair. We are indeed grateful to her for her great support through all these years, being an active user of our network since early in her career, when we were called Bulkforum.
In "Related files" you find our Annual Report 2016 in low resolution; for a hi-res report, just contact us for a link for download or one in the post.
In "Related links" you find the link to our Facebook post.



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